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BotanicalArtistry.com was set up as an information source for botanical artists and lovers of botanical art and flower painting. It allows artists to display their works online for free and for potential buyers of art to browse artists work. In order to provide this free service, it has been necessary to include a small amount of relevant advertising on the site. I hope you agree that it is not too intrusive (and can sometimes be quite useful!).

Benefits of joining botanicalartistry.com include:

  • Create a member page whith optional information listing your website, CV etc.
  • You can upload examples of your work
  • Your work appears in the random member images box on the front page
  • You can allow others to send you email through a contact form without revealing your email address

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For members looking for a quick start guide, there is a getting started page for new members. If you have any comments or suggestions, please enter them below.


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Just joined as member, thank you.
Neera Joshi Pradhan