The focus for discussion at the Educators’ forum held at the 2005 American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) Annual Conference at Minneapolis was the preparation of guidelines for instructional programming in botanical art.  The idea attracted positive comments from the majority of teachers present who were keen to see the concept progress.  The guidelines would create a benchmark so organizations offering courses that were compatible with the guidelines could use this as part of their promotional material.  Students would receive basic instruction in a set of core subjects that would enable their newly gained skills to be widely recognized and to be better prepared for undertaking intermediate and advanced classes and workshops anywhere where these guidelines are recognized.


I have now drafted the first in this set: Draft Guidelines for a Botanical Drawing Curriculum.  This is available for downloading from my website. This is not a teaching manual although there were times during the writing stages it certainly felt as though it wanted to take that direction! 


Guidelines for working with color will follow.  When completed there would be publication of guidelines for a drawing and painting curriculum up to and including the intermediate level. 


The Draft Guidelines for a Botanical Drawing Curriculum are now being considered by the ASBA education subcommittee, a process that is expected to take at least a year.  Although these are being drafted in the specific context of ASBA guidelines, I would appreciate comments or contributions of further information from educators and students of botanical art everywhere. 


Margaret Saul

Co Chair Education Committee, American Society of Botanical Artists