The Botanical Art program at Filoli has long been an essential part
of our mission to interpret and preserve the history of this country
estate. Whether it's through one of our 2 – 5 day classes, the Certificate Program, the Filoli Florilegium or the annual exhibit, artists continue to be inspired by the plant collections at Filoli.
Our students say it best:

 Botanical ArtApples (detail) by Catherine M. Watters. Study Heirloom Fruit this fall.

“I enjoyed this class. It filled in a gap for me. I feel my technique improving.”

—From Watercolor I with Catherine M. Watters.

“This was an exciting dynamic class! Susan gave so much valuable information.”

—From Color Mixing with Susan Fisher.

“A superb class and teacher.”

—By Dini Brown from Mushrooms with Lee McCaffree.

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San Fransisco