Botanical Art Societies

Orchid (detail)There exist a surprisingly large number of botanical art societies throughout the world. They differ in their activities, but generally they are all about promoting botanical art and providing a network to bring artists together. There are also related societies that are relevant to botanical artists. Below are just some of the organisations related to botanical illustration.

There must be plenty more...

Featured website - Hillary James

Evergreen ClematisHillary James is a talented botanical and portrait artist. Her main medium is coloured and graphite pencil and in this she definitely excels! Have a look at her website where her botanical artworks show what can be achieved with this medium. A number of her artworks are available as giclee prints.

Create your own moleskine-like visual diary

moleskine thumbnailMoleskine's are a brand of notebook / diary/ sketchbook that many people swear by. They are legendary amongst writers and artists and have been used by everyone from Van Gough through to Bruce Chatwin. They are a high quality French product, but unfortunately they are not cheap. In response to a discussion on the yahoo botanicalart newsgroup, Michael Shannon has produced a guide showing how he makes his own moleskine-like sketchbooks for less than a dollar. He has put a lot of work into the instructions and should be easy enough for anyone to follow.

Art Class List

paintbrush and paletteI've put together a list of people and organisations that run botanical art classes. You can click on the heading to sort by Country, City or Title. Please let me know if there are any that I've missed - there are sure to be lots! If you have registered on you can add classes yourself.

My Painting set up

Wilcox Palette thumbnailIn response to a discussion on the botanicalart yahoo group about palettes I have put together an article on my painting set up and palette. With just six colours I can easily mix any colour I want. Click on Read More below to find out how..

Flickr botanical art site

flickr botanical art siteFlickr is a fantastic resource for digitial images and anyone interested in flowers or plants should have a look. For those not familiar with flickr, it is a site where thousands of people share their digital images. The best thing about it is the way the images are organised. The use of descriptive 'tags' for images makes for a very powerful site where you can find an image about almost anything. for example try a search on flower or plants.

In addition to the very useful tags, some individuals form groups where members can post their images. the botanical art group already has many wonderful images and is constantly growing and changing. I have a sample of the latest images on this page on the botanical artistry website.


Easier to edit your information

Paphiopedilum by Cynthia PadillaI have added the ability to use a simple editor to create your content, so it is now even easier to add your information to the botanical artistry website. You do not need to know any html and it works like much like any word processor. Have a look at Cynthia Padilla's member page for an example. Here you will find her exhibition and workshop dates.

The Flowering Amazon: Margaret Mee Paintings From the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Neoregelia margaretaeWorks by one of last century's best known botanical artists Margaret Mee are on show throughtout the US this year. Last year the paintings showed in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. In 2006 the exhibition travels to Charleston, South Carolina; Glencoe, Illinois and Tucson, Arizona. Click on read more to see the dates of the exhibition.

Botany Photo of the Day

photo of the day thumbnailBotany Photo of the Day is a project of the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research, located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Every day a new photo of a plant with associated information is put up. The entries are really informative and there are some great photos sourced from many different places.

Curtis's Botanical Magazine Images

Curtis thumbnailImages from the first 26 volumes of Curtis's Botanical Magazine have been placed on the internet. A total of 1048 plates can be viewed along with artist and botanical information. Many thanks to the National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, Maryland for providing this resource.

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