Hillary Parker

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Hillary Landemare Parker
St. Simons Island Georgia
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Hillary Parker is a naturalist and international award winning botanical watercolor artist with paintings exhibited and sold worldwide. She has enjoyed a dual career of teaching and painting for over 20 years and works full time to keep up with the demands of private and public commissions, international juried exhibitions, lectures, workshops, private art instruction, and solo & group shows with galleries that represent her.

A painter by serendipity…
“Botanical watercolors found me thru a series of serendipities and has allowed me to combine my passion for nature and art while sharing my discoveries with others. I am drawn to the simple beauty of fascinating and often times, overlooked subjects in nature. Whether it’s the energetic dance of a cotton plant’s root system or the ever-growing lifecycle on a pumpkin vine, I have disciplined myself, with trial and error as my two best teachers, to use a scientifically accurate, detailed, and controlled approach to watercolors. I love the technical challenges of a complex composition while revealing the voice of each object’s unique and lively character.”

A teacher by profession…
“Using my BS Degree in Art Education from Florida International University, I have had the privilege of teaching effectively for 23 years. With great enthusiasm, I focus my challenging curriculum on building a solid foundation of skills in what I strongly believe are the 4 cornerstones of botanical art; observation, drawing, composition, and painting. I enjoy traveling around the country teaching at various botanical gardens, galleries, and personal studios of others. I love helping each artist achieve their personal artistic goals by strengthening or filling in missing building blocks along the way. Working with students at every level of botanical art, as well as teaching professionals each year at the annual ASBA Conferences is very rewarding.


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Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)
Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) original watercolor by Hillary Parker
Pumpkin Vine (Cucurbita pepo maxima)